Palmetto State Teachers Association is excited to introduce our new Member Recruitment Program! Current members who recruit one (1) new member will be reimbursed for half of their membership dues for the year ($75). Current members who recruit two (2) new members will be reimbursed for a full year of membership dues ($75). After your dues are reimbursed in full for the year, any additional new member recruited is $20. Checks will be issued quarterly.

The new member(s) MUST put your name on the “referred by” line on the application for you to receive credit for that member! The “date recruited” line must also be filled in.

Click here to sign up online!

Please feel free to print a membership application here.

If you have any questions please contact our office at 803-256-2065 or email us at

*Please note a new member is somebody who has not been affiliated with PSTA for over two years. This only applies when a PSTA employee is not present.* New members must be recruited at the Active rate ($149/year or $12.50/month).