Palmetto State Teachers Association was organized in 1976 to give South Carolina teachers a choice of professional associations and has grown to be the largest association for educators in South Carolina.   PSTA is governed by a Board of Directors from across the state who volunteer their services.  Officers and District Directors are elected at the annual convention.  They receive no pay or compensation.

Classroom teachers make up ninety percent of PSTA’s membership.  The majority of PSTA’s staff have also been classroom teachers during their career.

Professional Philosophy

The teacher’s first duty is to the child. Every child has the right to a quality education. We believe that the control of the school should remain in the hands of the locally elected school boards. We also believe that educators should have the right to choose their professional association.

No National Affiliation

You do not have to join a national association in order to be a member of PSTA. All dues collected remain in South Carolina to support our educators through benefits such as advocacy, liability insurance coverage, and professional development.

Politically Responsible

PSTA does not endorse candidates. We encourage our members to be politically active based on their personal beliefs and values. We work hard to advocate on behalf of our members and supply them with the information they need to be informed voters. Our registered lobbyists and staff members work effectively with all members of the South Carolina Legislature and other elected officials.

What sets PSTA apart?

  • Priority on Children
  • Focus on Education
  • Professionalism
  • Association Choice
  • Reasonable Dues
  • Respected in the Legislature